Why your Business needs a Mobile Website

More and more people are buying smart phones and are starting to use them to search the internet instead of a computer.   It is a convenient “on-the-move” business tool that is always available, which is an excellent opportunity for businesses.

Most searches originating from mobile phones are for local businesses. People searching for restaurants, driving directions, movie theatre tickets, etc.  The problem is that most local businesses do not have a website that has been optimized for a mobile phone or have a dedicated mobile website.  Mobile websites are very different from websites viewed from a normal desktop web browser.

More and more people are connecting to the internet via their mobile phone every day.  As a business owner in today’s digitized world you cannot afford to ignore this growing technology trend that is evolving.  Your business could be losing potential sales and profits. 

Find below some interesting statistics regarding mobile websites:

  • Internet searches from mobile phones grew 104% in 2008 over 2007; 2.50% of all website searches will happen from smart phones by the year 2020 according to Pew Internet.  The use of mobile phones as a search engine tool is increasing and searches on mobile phones are becoming more and more popular.  Mobile websites are a lot different from normal websites.   

Why mobile websites are different than regular websites:

  • Mobile phones have a variety of screen sizes, graphics from normal websites are most of the time too large to display on mobile devices.
  • Speed. Image sizes need to be smaller, reducing the download time of the mobile website to the selected handset.
  • The content should be short but powerful.  In other words, …get the message out by using less text as found on normal websites.
  • Most mobile phones are not compatible with Flash and the usage of frames. 

By having a mobile website that is SEO optimized, you are ensuring that users and clients can reach you easier on the internet.  This is another excellent opportunity for your business to leverage the internet to grow your business!

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