Create a Web Presence, Not Just a Website, with Your Digital Advantage

Our passionate web designers set your business message in their mind before starting to craft a design that sells, for your website. Have business in Mississauga and Brampton?
Today, it is more essential than ever to have a functional, intuitive, and attractive web presence which speaks to your products and your mission. From small businesses catering to local customers to large corporations participating in the global marketplace, your website is often the first opportunity to make an impression on your customers. And that's true no matter your industry.
Your Digital Advantage's certified Internet marketing consultants have what it takes to guide you step-by-step through the often dizzying array of design choices available to you. We'll work together to create a custom website that will provide the services and information your customers are looking for. We'll cut through the tech lingo to discover exactly what you need and how to make it happen.
And that's why the Your Digital Advantage approach goes beyond website design. Whether it's shopping cart technology, interactive news or forums, a comprehensive package including social media and blogging, or a keen focus on SEO to increase your relevancy in searches, we have the skills and experience you deserve. Put our knowledge to work for you, and inquire about one of our affordable design services today. 

Professional Website Design

Brampton, Mississauga, and other Ontario area
Your business website will look professional in our designers hand that has passionate for crafting clean and beautiful design that sells. 
Your website represents your portal to the world, your most permanent online asset which goes further than almost anything else to establish your brand, messaging, and offerings. Your Digital Advantage is specially trained to guide you through a step-by-step web design process, whether your website is strictly informational or whether it incorporates the latest in e-commerce and shopping cart-style technology.

Clean, Functional, Effective Websites with Your Digital Advantage 

Your Digital Advantage's proven website design approach has created success stories for so many of our clients, and we're ready to do the same for your organization. Through our experience in designing, building, and implementing websites, we've found that today's successful website is guided by a few principles

Clean and Modern

Gone are the days of confusing interfaces, small windows jam-packed full of content, elaborate flash introductions, and competing color schemes. We will work with you to create a simple yet effective web presence with an intuitive interface and an elegant design, which organically meshes with your company's branding.

Excellent Structure

A thoughtful structure (the so-called "site map") is essential to your design. It makes your site easy for visitors to navigate (and thus easier to turn visitors into "conversions," whether that involves a purchase or an opt-in to a newsletter). And a good structure also makes it easier for search engines to analyze your website and determine what content might be relevant to visitors.

Search Engine Optimized

When your website is search engine optimized, it will appear higher in relevant searches in major search engines such as Google or Yahoo!. Higher placement means more traffic, more customers, and higher revenues.

Highly Functional

Perhaps you need to make regular updates to your site (such as sharing company news). Perhaps you need an all-in-one e-commerce solution for your products. Or perhaps you'd like to incorporate contact forms or account logins. Whatever you need, Your Digital Advantage can deliver. We know how important your website is to your business. Contact your No-Charge Consultation with Your Digital Advantage today to learn more about our web design services. 
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