YDA is dedicated to providing custom-tailored digital marketing consulting services. Much like your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor  – each a trusted business partner whose expertise you rely on to succeed – we, as your Digital Partner, is available to ensure your company realizes the full profit potential offered by digital marketing.

Our unique personal approach and value-based consulting helps companies leverage proven digital marketing strategies to boost their bottom-line.

Our key focus is to offer thorough consultation and sound advice on how your company can take advantage of digital marketing.


The emergence of digital media communication tools has completely transformed the competitive landscape for companies of all sizes and sectors – truly making the Internet the marketing engine of the 21st century.

An improved web presence brings the promise of more visitors. But that’s low-hanging fruit, up for grabs by everyone, including your competitors.  We strive to ensure your company attracts the highest possible volume of targeted traffic, sending qualified buyers straight to your website or custom landing pages at critical moments in the buying cycle.


How many of your prospects are Internet users? You really don’t need to answer that question; we know the numbers are huge. How many of your prospects are not Internet users? Now, you could probably count that number on one hand (if there are any at all)! Without a doubt then, a strong web presence is the first step towards becoming a leading brand in your industry.


As an accomplished business professional, you realize the significance of your company’s market reach. Even as your current marketing campaigns reach a good number of potential customers, you always know there’s more business to be won. Despite the industry fluctuations and economic changes, company growth and expansion always tops the list of one’s marketing objectives.


A well-planned and properly implemented social media strategy can drastically transform a company’s online brand. It has the capacity to turn any sized company into an international brand name. On the same token, social media can destroy a company’s reputation just as easily if that company chooses to ignore what the public is saying about them online. With the rapid explosion of social media giving people the ability to communicate instantly, online brand reputation management has never been more critical for a company.

WHY – We care about delivering a personalized brand experience that connects business clients with their customers

We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why every solution we offer is customized to help you achieve your objectives.

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