SEO and Social Media Best Practices Tips for Businesses

SEO and Social Media Best Practices – SEO and other strategies to increase online presence are essential to running a successful business.  If your business does not have a solid online reputation and presence, then your local customers will not come to you when they need the type of goods or services you provide.  In order to maximize your online strategies, it is necessary to combine search engine optimization, or SEO, with social media marketing. 

Most people who own businesses already understand just how important SEO is when it comes to marketing their business.  After all, businesses which rank high up on the search engines have a distinct advantage over those which do not.  Today social media is an essential addition to SEO because even though it is a newer technique for garnering online attention, it has grown explosively in a short amount of time.  Business owners who jump into the social media fray are sure to benefit greatly.

Combining SEO with Social Media Best Practices

The first step to building a successful social media campaign is to combine social media with SEO.  Of course in order to have a successful SEO strategy, you must do research to uncover the right keywords for your site.  A successful social media campaign utilizes these keywords in a variety of places, like on your profile in LinkedIn, on your Twitter account, and in the descriptions and titles of any YouTube videos or Flickr photos you put out.  Google Insights and other similar tools make it easy to track topics that are trending, which enables you to build your social media campaign even more.

How Social Media Helps the Search Engines Find Your Business

One recent trend in SEO is the appearance of YouTube videos showing up on the first page of search results from Google.  A wider variety of other sites is appearing in those results as well.  This provides ample opportunity for your company blog to rank high in the search engines if you play all of your cards right.  Every place you link your company blog, whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, adds important clout to your blog in the “eyes” of the search engines.  You can even increase your blog’s clout by creating Squidoo lenses or Hub pages.  Every backlink you create is an important part of your website’s ranking in the search engines. 

Today’s online strategies should be less about search engine visibility and more about online visibility in general.  Every day there are new ways for businesses to get the word out about what they offer.  It doesn’t matter where your website visitors get to your sight from.  Digg, Google, StumbleUpon, and Yahoo are all noteworthy places to gather traffic from. 

The important thing is getting these website visitors to perform the action you want them to perform, whether it’s buying from you or contacting you for more information.  Online presence is all about increasing sales, and no Ontario business owner can afford to miss out on any aspect of internet marketing.  After all, your website is the only salesperson you don’t have to pay, so make it work for you!

To make the most out of your SEO techniques, call Donna Sauve at 416-903-2512. They offer complete internet marketing services to businesses throughout Ontario.  YDA’s goal is to help businesses find success in their online marketing efforts.  YDA focuses on growing and expanding your business while increasing your return on investment.  They also offer online lead generation and open up new channels to enable you to reach even more customers.  Call Donna Sauve today to maximize all of your local SEOand social media best practices.

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