PPC Management Service

Front page real-estate costs a fortune, but with Your Digital Advantage PPC management strategy, we ensure your business gets visibility online at a fraction of the cost. As low as $250 CA per month, PPC campaigns are one of the most effective digital advertisements.

How are we a cut above the rest?

We have the most advanced PPC advertisement strategy, optimized with relevant sales metrics to fit your unique business portfolio. In simple terms, we not only help bring you more inbound business calls ( estimated to reach 169 billion by 2020), sales, and leads but constantly refine your campaign using data analytics to maximum effect.

Why use our PPC service?

Immediacy in Exposure

Once we get an idea about the nature of your business and do a thorough analysis, we will design an eye-catching campaign that goes live on influential online platforms like search engines and social media websites among others in real-time.

Call to Action

Over 70%of Google users will call a local business from a call to action prompt. We optimize the effectiveness of our campaigns by including a call to action that converts clicks into potential buyers and encourages users to visit your website.

Best Return on Investment

Leveraging on our advanced tools and experience, we help direct relevant traffic to the right target thereby increasing conversion rates. We make sure the campaign’s keywords connect with the right audience, resulting in increased sales for your business.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Our PPC campaigns are insightful enough to build a relationship between you and your clients. This personalized service to your potential clients increases your repeat customer base.

For over six years, we have built a reputable PPC management portfolio. Our customers’ feedback is at the center of a well-coordinated and refined team of experts who have developed state of the art PPC strategy that will guarantee results.

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