What are You Doing to Keep in Touch and Communicate with Your Customers and Clients

Email capture – an effective tool to build your database

Making your online business successful is not an easy job. You have to get new customers and also keep the existing ones loyal to your brand. The best way of doing this is to communicate with them and keep them engaged. Easier said than done, you have to find marketing strategies to get new leads and build your database and email capture can be one of these.

Use email capture to support your lead nurturing efforts

One innovative and inexpensive tool that most marketers are using today is email capture for keeping in touch with leads, prospects and customers.

To successfully use this tool, you have to first create your email list. The email list gives you a direct method to connect to your customers. There are several ways of building this list.

However, you need to keep in mind that in order to build your list you have to be diligent and build customer confidence. In a world where everyone’s top priority is lead generation, you cannot do it blatantly. There are various ways of asking people for emails through pop-ups, content upgradation offers, and sticky top-bars.

You is important to be polite when requesting emails and remember that your visitors will only sign-up for email capture if you pique their interest.

Provide helpful content

Always offer something valuable to your customers. You can share your company’s newsletter with them to let them know about the latest offers or give them reports that will help them.

As for example, offering knowledge products is a great way to make your visitors remain glued to your emails. Share interviews of industry leaders, the latest information on industry and future growth potential. Infographics or presentations are easy to understand and preferred by all.

You can also offer them free tutorial videos on topics related to your products. You can give away tips on health issues, financial topics or ideas for self-development.

Customize your email list

To create long-lasting bonds with your customers you have to get personal. Don’t simply forward them newsletters or links through email marketing. Separate the customers based on their interests and send them newsletters according to their preferences. This way, your content will be more relevant and helpful.

Ask for help

There is no shame in asking for help if you know you can really make a difference. Ask your customers to forward your emails to their friends who would be interested. This way you can capture more emails and increase the size of your list. Create your own clan, be loyal to your customers and you will find them responding to your email marketing efforts.

Don’t forget to use social media and other public platforms on the internet.

Email capture is an innovative and interesting tool for marketing your business and increasing your customer base. Go for it and reap the benefits.

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